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Forget what I mentioned in the last posting, sometimes things work out differently than expected in life...

But great news for synthpop lovers in Germany (or the ones who don't mind travelling), as next year, 3 legendary bands will do a combined tour. You can already order the tickets via the Bodyshop page...


01.10.2011 Hamburg
08.10.2011 Dresden
22.10.2011 Munich
29.10.2011 Leipzig
05.11.2011 Duesseldorf
12.11.2011 Berlin
26.11.2011 Frankfurt
03.12.2011 Peine


The Girl & The Robot

As you can see, the blog is now happening - today, I want to introduce you to a new band: The Girl & The Robot - this duo: Deadbeat (from Sweden) and Plastique (from Germany) offer us wonderful synthpop at its best. Let me say it like this, if you enjoy Welle:Erdball, Second Decay, S.P.O.C.K and Client, you'll definetely not be disappointed when checking out either their debut EP 'Whole / Flowers' (which includes an excellent remix by Die Perlen) or the debutalbum 'The Beauty Of Decay'. Although the year is not that old, but I am convinced, the releases will end up high in my personal charts. A listening pleasure from beginning to the end! Check out their Myspace Page for snippets from 4 songs.


Petr Muk (ex-Ocean) - R.I.P.

Just read the very sad news, that Petr Muk (Oceán) has died on May 24th, 2010.
Muk founded Oceán back in the Mid-80es and they even supported Erasure in 1989/1990 + were well known in the Czech Repuplic among the synthpopfans with their sound obviously being influenced by Depeche Mode and the already mentioned Erasure. In the early 90es Oceán split, leaving him to form Shalom. After a couple of albums, Petr Muk went solo, although his songs went a bit more into the slow pop / musical direction, he never forgot his influences, releasing a tribute to Erasure album 'Oh L'Amour' in 2004. Just a couple of days ago, his brandnew album was released when the sad news of his death hit the airwaves/websites. Petr Muk was just 45 years old... (a report in German can be found here)


Blind Passenger

One of the best news so far of this year, was the announcement of the one and only Nik Page to play again as Blind Passenger - nope, I didn't miss the 's' of his former band (it is just Nik of the original lineup), but he decided to play some of the old classics again + record a new album 'Next Flight To Planet Earth' that is supposed to sound a bit like Blind Passengers could have sounded today if they hadn't gone into the electro-rock-metal direction in the late Nineties. Should be interesting what he'll come up with...
The first concerts have already been announced + will be on sale soon at Ticket69:

28.08. Rostock - Mau-Club
11.09. Lübbenau - Kulturhof *
17.09. Magdeburg - Sackfabrik *
18.09. Annaberg-Buchholz - Alte Brauerei *
24.09. Leipzig - Werk 2 *
25.09. Schwedt - Exit **
08.10. Brandenburg - Haus der Offiziere *
09.10. Guben - Fabrik (E-Attack) **
23.10. Hoyerswerda - Pitchers *

* Support: Angelzoom
** Support: KASH

Vince Festival (Karlskrona)

If you are in Sweden in early June, make sure to head over to Karlskrona on 5th June 2010, as there'll be a lovely synthfestival there. Appearing amongst others: Covenant, Colony 5 and (hooooorayyyy finally again - one of my fave Swedish synthpopbands) Voister Litz - For more information make sure to check Adora BatBrat's very entertaining blog (her own band Asperger Synthdrome will play as well)...


!DISTAIN: Easter Surprise

After releasing their compilation 'Anthology 1992 - 2010' in January 2010, !distain offer a nice little Easter surprise on their homepage courtesy of an unreleased remix. I can just recommend to have a look into the newssection... And you can also find them on youtube, where you can watch the video for 'Hole in the moon'.

PAGE: New Album in May

30 years have already passed since Eddie Bengtsson founded PAGE and 27 years since releasing their legendary single 'Dansande Man' in 1983. Now Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko reunited for a new album 'Nu', which will be released in late May, 2010.
Release Magazine
has the tracklisting in their newssection.
Not only that, PAGE will appear on stage in Gothenburg on May 8th, 2010 at the Storan.
On their Myspace Page you can already check out the radio edit of their excellent new single 'Ett S.O.S.', so what are you waiting for?


Say Hello...

This should be the start of everything here... a place for all synthpop lovers. If you are living in oblivion or even hate Berlin, make sure to enjoy the stay here.
So for the beginning, my lost little robots and astro girls, let me just say welcome to the earth or in a black town, you can now unlock your seatbelts + prepare for the things to come...